How To Get MORE and “BETTER GOBBLEGUM” – Black Ops 3 Zombies (COD BO3)

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How To Get MORE and

Black Ops 3 Zombies how to get more and better gobblegum special secret / trick! Make sure to hit that LIKE button!

How to get more and better gobblegum –
Just use 1 vat at a time over and over. Don’t use 2 or 3 vats at a time.
Why this works –
You get power boosts when you use 1 and 2 vat. When you use 1 vat your getting with power boost 2 gobble gums with 1 liquid divinium. That is almost doubling you liquid divinium.

Crashpowers video proving this –
How to get more ULTRA RARE MEGA Gobblegum – Black Ops 3 Zombies –

Crashpowers 100+ Liquid Divinium Opening without using this secret / strategy
101 LIQUID DIVINIUM OPENING! “Black Ops 3 Zombies” GOBBLEGUM Dr Monty’s Factory –

ultra rare gobblegum I got with this strategy with only 15 liquid divinium – Killing time and Perkoholic.

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Welcome to Quick Tips! In this series I share little tips that are designed to hone your game in Black Ops 3! Today I share a tip that will allow you to jump even farther than you’d normally be able to with the thrust jump in BO3. I hope you enjoy!

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