[Easy] How to Fix Network Lag/Frame Drops In Black Ops 3 – Change Firewall Settings + In Game Proof

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Fixing your lag issue is easy. Just go to your modem/routers IP address. Login to your gateway and turn your firewall off. Reset your router and you should be lag free. If your firewall is already off. Turn the firewall to HIGH. Reboot your router then turn it back to OFF and reboot your router. Issue with lag should be solved. – TL1S
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Black Ops 3 Prestige Generator OPEN


Categories Black Ops 3 Prestige

Black Ops 3 Prestige Generator OPEN


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In this IW Zombies video, I will be showing you guys how to rank up fast in Infinite Warfare zombies and how the ranking up system works in zombies. I got couple of tips for you guys on how to rank up fast in IW zombies by playing Spaceland map and how the level up system actually works in Infinite Warfare zombies. This is a full explanation to ranking up and leveling up fast and it is a full guide to zombies.

First IW Zombies Playthrough: https://youtu.be/FNM5JAKuAo0

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Ladies and gentlemen what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full explaination of ranking up system and how to rank up fast guide for Infinite Warfare zombies, now it is not as complex as many of
you think, like in multiplayer there are a lot of gamemodes that gives you xp differently, but in zombies it’s based on how you play the game and knowing how the ranking up system works, it may change in the future if Infinity Ward adds more new gamemodes that gives you xp differently and more xp in zombies and I will surely update you guys on the channel, so definitely subscribe if you are new, we’re on the road to 60 000 subscribers and definitely smash that like button for this child right here it is highly appreciated and helps out the channel tremondusly, so last night I played a lot of games to test out some things due to the reason you can’t see how many xp your left to level up, Infinity Ward was probably busy wanking off but I mean yeah you can’t see how much xp left before ranking up to the next level unless you leave your game or check somewhere in combat records. So I decided to try out bunch of combinations,like getting only one melee kill and backing out, getting one headshot kill with a gun and backing out, a normal kill with the gun and backing out, getting perk and backing out and hell I even tried meleing and shooting the ballons and

backing out, and what I found is melee kill will give you 100 xp, headshot will give you 75 xp and normal kill wil give you 50 xp, it is the same as black ops 3 zombies, but they are not showing the progression in game when you pause it, so I had to test it by getting one kill and backing out absolutely ridiculous is what I said after I found it is the same as BO3 zombies and IW didn’t bother to add the progressing system when you pause your game. You get no xp for buying perks, but however there are challenges like for example you buy perks 50 times it’ll give you additional xp. Buying doors will give you 250 xp but if you donate to the door in co op it will only give you 75 xp, every round you survive it will give you +50xp, for example, surviving round 1, you get 50 xp, round 2, 100, round 3 150, so on and so forth and after round 20 you plateau with 1000 xp, which means every round you survive after 20 you will get 1000 xp which is the same for black ops 3 zombies, now that is the ranking up sytstem, that’s how it works. Now the ways to rank up fast.. (More in the video)

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